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Perception Studies

We offer flexible studies tailored to your needs while maintaining a high standard of quality and confidentiality.

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High standards of quality and confidentiality.

Customized themes focused on the company’s current situation

Full support from IR professionals in all project phases.

Access to investors worldwide.

Comprehensive report and presentation of available data for better information analysis.

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Understand how the market perceives your company.

Gain access to relevant and concrete information on various topics related to the company:

  • IR and management evaluation

  • Repercussion of results/events

  • Measure progress since the IPO

  • Evaluation of the company’s communication materials

  • Strategic changes, among others.

Flexible and customized studies.

Understanding how the market perceives the company is one of the challenges faced by IR professionals. With Perception Studies, this analysis becomes much easier, especially when developed by a specialized company in the field.

Online 360º Online 360º Online 360º

Aimed at conveniently gathering the opinion of the target audience, with no need for telephone interviews, it is conducted through an online form sent via email to the participants. The form has up to 20 relevant questions.

Performance Performance Performance

It aims to capture the opinion of market analysts through confidential telephone interviews. The study provides a detailed report for each topic covered, presenting consolidated data, and may include up to 10 questions and involve 10 interviewees.

High Performance High Performance High Performance

Intending to capture the opinion of market analysts through confidential telephone interviews, the study provides a detailed report for each topic covered and may include up to 15 questions and involve 20 interviewees.

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