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Corporate Financial Communication

Use the power of marketing and communicate with current and new investors

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Expand your reach and master financial communications with MZ

MZ, a leader in customized solutions for Investor Relations, enhances your financial communication strategy through digital marketing, effectively connecting you with stakeholders.

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Why invest in financial communication?

With the increasing participation of individuals in the stock market, many companies have seen a rise in the representativeness of this audience in their shareholder base. More than that, stakeholders are no longer exclusively found in traditional outlets. They are present on digital platforms (Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others!)

These new investors contribute a total of R$459 billion to the Brazilian market, accounting for over 16% of the trading volume.

Every large shareholder base has already been small. The challenges faced by IR professionals include managing the shareholder base, meeting expectations, dealing with liquidity, and attracting new investors.

*Source: B3, December 2022

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Expand reach and engagement through digital marketing

Advisory & Business Intelligence

Marketing strategy focused on media, formats, content, and copywriter;
Support in positioning your company’s IR;
Strategy in promoting actions related to the mandatory calendar of the IR agenda.

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Graphic Design

Creation of materials for social media (static, carousels, GIFs, etc.);
Adjustment of materials for different channel formats;
Support in creating the visual identity used by the company in digital actions.

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Audiovisual Production

Creation of content in Reels, YouTube Shorts, short videos, etc.;
Animation and creation of visual effects;
Editing and adaptation of content for different media formats (Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.)

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SEO & Analytics

Comprehensive SEO diagnosis and peer analysis;
Accessibility enhancement and on-page optimization;
Management of campaigns, marketing strategies, and digital marketing actions through tools such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

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Advisory & Business Intelligence

50% of investors entering the stock market are in the 25 to 39 age group, which means that they belong to the era of communication and social media.

It is essential to know how to effectively communicate with current stakeholders, from choosing the right media, formats, content, and copywriting.  

With our assistance and consulting services, all of this will be easier!

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Why invest in content production and short videos?

Some digital platforms have started using short videos because of the change in user behavior, limited attention spans, and easy sharing of content, significantly increasing brand reach and visibility

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How does your visual identity impact your corporate financial communication strategy?

A strong visual identity enhances brand recognition, instills trust in stakeholders, and facilitates adaptation to different communication channels.

  • Materials for digital media created based on the company’s identity manual;

  • Different formats, static, carousels, GIF, and more;

  • Adjustments of materials for different communication mediums.

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Why work on SEO and Paid traffic in your corporate financial communication strategy?

Increased visibility and ranking in search engines Increased visibility and ranking in search engines

After ensuring that your website is user-friendly and responsive, SEO boosts your website visibility and ranking on major search engines, such as Google

Attract more organic traffic: Attract more organic traffic:

With optimized SEO and a higher ranking in search engines, you can reduce advertising spending because you will attract more organic traffic by using the right terms and keywords.

Peer analysis and strategy adjustment: Peer analysis and strategy adjustment:

SEO allows you to analyze your company’s peers and identify improvements in your communication strategy and keyword usage.

Enhanced digital authority: Enhanced digital authority:

Your company gains more online authority because your website becomes more relevant and easily accessible to your stakeholders

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