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Funds Manager & Data

Tools focused on improving and automating the operational and mandatory processes of funds managers.

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We develop improvements to make your daily life easier.

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Register the respective funds and indices on the platforms


Simple and optimized upload of shares


Generate profitability charts with filters for different periods and market benchmark comparisons


Automate the import of mandatory documents from the CVM and other public sources


Divide documents into categories on the Fund’s website.


Optimize your IR team’s time regarding the manager’s legal obligation processes

Include data with a single click and in an optimized manner using Funds.

An intuitive tool that is easy to manage (data can be included with a single click or even automatically).

Optimization of time in mandatory manager processes (document updates on the website and availability of shares and profitability charts).

Register as many funds as needed and view their profitability, either from inception or for the last 12, 24, 36, 48, or 60 months, just like the index.

Automatic upload

of fund or index charts

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Visit website Funds and Manager
Visit website Funds and Manager
Visit website Funds and Manager
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