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Qualified solution for SEC obligations

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MZ works directly with large publicly held companies.

We offer an exceptional technological infrastructure for EDGARization of mandatory documents.

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Filings per year

  • 6-K (filings of notices, notifications, material facts, and others)
  • 10-K (detailed annual report that must be submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission - SEC)
  • 8-K (current report)
  • SC 13G (statement of beneficial ownership by individuals)

With MZ support, fillings happen with excellence and speed.

  • Trilingual support (Portuguese, English, and Spanish)

  • 24-hour assistance

  • Access to draft versions and test filings

Here, you find:


Conversion of documents according to SEC rules for filings.


Preparation for the publication of files on the company’s website (as required by SEC).


Classification and mapping of data according to taxonomy concepts if necessary.


Validation of mandatory documents and iXBRL with calculations and extensions when necessary.


Presentation of mandatory documents and iXBRL in HTML format (reading).

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