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A great design makes a great business

Below see our latest developments that have contributed to the disclosure and investor relations

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See how businesses around the world are driving their goals and strengthening investor relations efforts with MZ

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  • Investor Relations Presentation
  • Institutional Presentation
  • Earnings Release
  • Notice to the Market and Material Fact (Template)
  • Investment Fund Fact Sheet
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Breathe new life into how you show the company’s investors your most relevant information with a professional and straightforward presentation.

Showing your company to the world with a remarkable presentation is as important as selling your product.

One of the most useful documents when presenting the company's results. It must have a look that matches the organization.

Focus on the information you need to communicate using our templates that are easy to fill in.

Show shareholders monthly results in a document containing clear and easy-to-understand information.

Monthly reports

Fact Sheets



Business cards

Organizational Charts



Social media materials

Website elements (slideshows, banners, pop-up, infographics, charts, tables, icons)